Door Controllers

SALTO offers a wide range of door controllers that enable the expansion of SALTO access control benefits to all those doors where a stand alone electronic escutcheon can not be fitted such as electric strikes, magnets, barriers, lifts, shutters, automatic door openers, speed gates, etc, or where control must be boosted by on-line real time access control.

The door controllers read encrypted data contained on the carrier and allow for updating of the carrier via SALTO Virtual Network technology making possible to cancel lost or stolen cards remotely.

Whether you need a simple off-line or on-line door controller with SALTO Virtual Network capabilities, and with one relay output or several, SALTO has what you need.

Main features and benefits
  • Off-line or on-line door controllers depending on the model.
  • Managed by software.
  • Virtual Network capable through SALTO Virtual Network Technology.
  • User on card audit trailing capability for audit trailing via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).
  • All communications between the wall reader and the door controller and between the door controller and the PC are secured and encrypted for a higher security level.
  • No additional control panels are required.
  • Alarm input.
  • Set up made with Portable Programming Devices (PPD) or directly from the PC*.
  • Update made with Portable Programming Device (PPD) or SVN.
  • Anti Pass Back mode available depending on the model.
  • Firmware upgradable by means of PPD or directly from the PC on the on-line units.
  • User on card audit trailing via SALTO Virtual Network in the case of off-line units.

XS4 CU2010 door controller

Designed for use with the SALTO WRM1000 wall reader, the off-line CU2010 is a relay output door controller that can be connected to the WRM1000 wall reader. It offers a single wall reader connection and a single output control relay.

XS4 CU50ENSVN door controller

The SALTO CU50ENSVN is an on-line door controller that can have 1 or 2 wall readers connected, has 2 control relay outputs and has SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) capabilities.

Cards are automatically updated with the latest changes in the access plan, it records the user audit into the PC and provides advanced information on battery status. It also continually updates the cancelled ID carrier black list simply by using the cards on the network, distributing the latest access information throughout the building via the off-line stand alone locks.

XS4 CU5000 door controller

The SALTO CU5000 is a single door off-line door controller that can have 1 or 2 wall readers connected and has a 2 control relay outputs.

XS4 EB5008 SALTO multi relay output control board

The EB5008 is a device which, when connected to CU5000, CU50EN or CU50ENSVN door controllers, provides the option to manage multi relay switchable output systems such as elevator floor level access, multi shutter and barrier systems, machine switching etc.