Corporate Security

Welcome to the world of intelligent locking solutions, providing security, flexibility and control.

Welcome to the world of SALTO.

In today’s fast moving and constantly changing world nothing stays the same for long. New working practices and new employees mean security too has to continually change and evolve to keep pace. As a result buildings and workspaces need to be flexible and adaptable, ready to incorporate new technologies using stand alone door units with real time on-line systems that are inspiring to use, simple to install and able to work with existing IT networks.

SALTO is able to offer all this and more. We are the selected access control option on over 300,000 doors, on more than 3,500 projects in over 52 countries. The power of the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) allows people to work wire free enabling them to manage their key control requirements efficiently, flexibly and cost effectively.

Find out more about SALTO and our commitment to supply the access control market with a totally user friendly, stand alone system that will provide any building with the flexibility it needs to function safely in an ever changing and demanding security environment.

Jump with us into the future and make your access control problems a thing of the past. SALTO is tomorrow’s technology that’s here today.