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PRO-Access is a state-of-the-art electronic lock system, featuring distributed intelligence both in the lock and in the key.

The software manages intelligent electronic locks and keycards for standalone wire-free applications. Optional on-line readers provide

real-time access control for perimeter doors. Retrofitting existing locks by means of a “bolt-on” intelligent escutcheon is a 10 minute operation.



It basically eliminates the “walking with the lock programmer” and introduces the locking schedule flexibility needed for true campuswide usage: residence, sport facilities, labs, office, classroom, etc...


Salto Virtual Network (patented SVN): a smart combination of on-line and stand alone readers that are accessed by means of “intelligent” keycards. SVN achieves performance levels only matched by fully on-line access control systems.

Provides 90% of the benefits of an on-line system at the cost of a stand alone system.

Based on a simple principle: keycards automatically store and convey information back and forth between stand alone locks and the PC. This is done by means of a few strategically located on-line perimeter access readers that serve as data transporters too.

This principle allows for automatic:

  • Lost keycards cancellation. No need to walk with a programmer.
  • Audit trail: who was where and when? Audit trail is kept both on the lock and on the keyvard. Each time a keycard is used at an on-line perimeter reader all the off-line transactions (audit) are automatically transferred and stored at the PC.
  • No need to walk with a programmer.
  • Low battery reports. No need to walk with a programmer.


Change keycard access priviliges on the fly (doors/users locking schedule). No need to walk with a programmer. No need to recoup keycards or get hold of the users. On-line readers automatically write any schedule changes on the keycards.

Adding/deleting users/locks in the system without reprogramming locks. No need to walk with a programmer.


You can now track all your staff activity right from your PC. No need to walk with a programmer.

campus access


Conventional wisdom says: electronic locks are used in residence halls only and all other areas’security is left to “ancient” metal keys and locks. PRO-ACCESS manages the entire campus: housing, labs, sport facilities, offices,...

  • The entire campus can be operated by one software database.
  • Each department has authority to manage only its locks and keycards and will not accidentally be able to interfere with other departments’ locks and keycards.


The system interfaces with your current databases and campus card system.


The following optional items are operated by the same keycard and available from Salto Systems:

  • Intelligent power switch (residence): cuts your energy bill up to 40%.
  • Electronic Lockers (residence, offices and sport facilities).
  • Electronic PIN-pad Safes (residence and offices).