Energy Saving Devices

The SALTO in room energy saving device (ESD) helps to save up to 65% of a hotel room’s electricity consumption and unlike standard (magnetic stripe) energy savers, only authorized SALTO key cards will switch on the lights. Any other card
(frequent flyer, business card etc) will not be recognised.

Also available a connected on line version, which as well as energy saving indicates in real time the presence of guests or staff in a room, logging the information directly into the hotel PC. When a guest enters the room and inserts their card into the ESD it switches on all electrical equipment. When staff enter the room for cleaning or maintenance, the ESD recognises their staff card and switches on only the electrical equipment they need to accomplish their work. The TV, air conditioning and mini bar are switched off or locked – saving energy.


Main features:

  • 2 different finishes for different room styles.
  • Available with 1 or 2 relay outputs.
  • With window detector input.
  • If window is left open, the system will switch off the air conditioning.
  • Flexible exit time delay by software.
  • Modern Blue LED indicator which indicates the location of the device in the dark, and blinks as a courtesy indicator after retreiving the card when leaving the room.
  • Available in iButton, smart card and RFID (Mifare, Desfire, Vicinity).On line version available in contact smart card and RFID models.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 120Volts AC+-15% or 220 Volts AC +-15%
  • Consumption: 2watts in rest mode, 2.5 watts when activated
  • Number of relays: 1 or 2
  • Relays power cut:
    • 16A 120volts with resistor loads
    • 10A 120volts with inductive loads (fluorescent lamps, high efficiency lamps, motors, air conditioners)
  • Max. section for power and relays contacts conector: Straded wire section: 12 AWG (2,5mm2). Strip lenght: 4-5mm.
  • Max section for windows detector conector: Stranded wire section:16 AWG (0,5mm2). Strip length: 4-5mm.
  • Connected version:
    • Serial connected by bus RS485. Last ESD of the series must be connected to a Salto ON LINE control Unit (CU50EN or CU50ENSVN)
    • Max. Number of ESD connected per CU: 40